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Hello my name is Michael Stavrinides,
I have been involved in mindfulness and meditation, personal development,

spiritual development, Reiki healing etc for more than 25 years.

I love 1 to 1 teaching, mentoring and coaching online and in our Natural Healing & Wellness center in Paphos, Cyprus.

I also teach group courses and workshops and have a wide range of manuals, guide books and courses that can be purchased online.

It is a pleasure to assist and guide those that have a hunger and desire to develop and grow in all areas of mindfulness practice and mindfulness meditation.


Equally I love to assist and help in peoples healing and development on all levels (mind, body, spiritually and emotionally.) I am always studying and learning new ways to expand my knowledge and grow spiritually. This helps myself and also helps me to better assist my clients in their healing and personal growth.

My goal in this life time is to attain enlightenment.

I feel blessed as I have an ever growing drive and desire to develop spiritually. The healing, teaching, coaching, mentoring and spiritual work I am doing gives me great satisfaction and fills a space inside me. I feel part of my purpose in this life is to help and support people to find their life’s purpose and assist them in their personal and spiritual growth.

I was born in the UK and moved to Paphos, Cyprus some years ago.
I created the "Mind, Body & Spirit Paphos, Cyprus" group in 2013 as I saw there seemed to be no place where like-minded people could meet together here in Paphos, Cyprus. This evolved and soon after we were hosting twice weekly mind, body & spirit open days at the Black Velvet cafe.

At the beginning of 2014 I decided to expand and I created "The Spiritual Network in Cyprus."
This was a much needed website where healers, therapists, teachers etc from all over Cyprus can let people know what services, workshops, treatments etc they offer. I have worked to build and expand the network, guided and helped by spirit and my wonderful supportive wife and amazing therapist/healer Leonora.

In November 2015 we took the next step forward and we opened our first healing center hear in Paphos, we now have a dedicated home “The Natural healing and Wellness center in Paphos, Cyprus.
Here together with my wife Leonora we do our healing, therapies and workshops and 1 to 1 teaching.

In 2019 I expanded my services and started offering 1 to 1 mindfulness teaching, mentoring and coaching online. (Click Here to find out more)

As a guide, coach, mentor and teacher my job is not just to relay the information, tools and techniques to you, it is to pass that information to you in a way that is best and easiest for you to fully understand and put in to practice.

I understand that everybody is an individual and everyone learns in different ways. Some learn better through watching videos, others through reading, others through listening to audio and debating topics.


My way of teaching covers all these areas, and I focus each time I teach, on the way each individual person learns easiest, best and enjoys.

It is very important to me that you fully understand what I am teaching you, that is why I love and encourage you to ask questions throughout the learning session.

We are all ever expanding and I look forward to meeting you soon, either in person or online.

Blessings to you


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Michael Stavrinides
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